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BioComponents Inversina: A remarkable Mixer..

The BioComponents Inversina is a high-performance tumbler mixer that homogenizes powders, solids, liquids, suspensions, and particles of any size, sheer, viscosity, or weight in no time by gentle treatment of the ingredients. Using three-dimension inversion kinematics, otherwise known as the Paul Schatz principle, the Inversina has been used in a variety of industries and comes in both manual or automatic models with sizes ranging from laboratory to production scale and a large variety of accessories to fit every mixing process.

SHC Swiss Hygienic Components AG,

a Swiss based and managed private company which is an affiliated and exclusive partner of Bioengineering AG, is very proud to represent/ distribute the BioComponents™ "exclusively" world-wide. The company manufactures the Inversina series of inversion 3-D-tumbler mixers, GMP- compliant powder handling system CupHermann™, CIP-Valves and spray balls, sterile connectors, and other hygienic equipments, such as stirrers, sampling systems, diaphragm valves, accessories, fittings etc.

Cup Hermann

cGMP compliant and dust-free powder feeding even in small sizes: saft , simple and managable for a single person.

- TRI Clamp or bayonet connecter, 10 L or 20 L hoppers
- Safety bolt prevents opening of vessel when under
- We make it fit on any flange!

Westech Instruments Ltd
Westech Scientific Instruments (Westech) specialises in the manufacture of all types of instrumentation for the measurement and collection of particulate and dust. We have an intimate knowledge and understanding of existing devices and trusted methods as well as access to many different sampling technologies and equipment manufacturers.

Löser Messtechnik

Since more than 35 years Löser Messtechnik develops and produces in Berlin-Spandau Osmometers and Cryometers for medical, biological and chemical Laboratories. The company is led by Axel Löser, who continues the Osmometer-Tradition of his father after finishing studies and 7 years of professional practice for different companies. We are not only in Germany but also present in many countries worldwide.


are global specialists in the design and manufacture of innovative Fume Cupboards, Containment Systems and Aseptic Pharmacy Clean Rooms.With over 20 years' experience of air flow technology, we have developed new and pioneering solutions for countless applications.

Creating a market edge for our customers and partners will continue to drive us forward in the future.


is a leader in the emerging field of Bioanalytics. The company develops new technology for the identification, characterization, and quantitation of biologically-important molecules for basic research, pharmaceutical development, and diagnostic applications.

LUM GmbH is the leading company in the field of accelerated dispersion and stability analysis and testing of composite materials.We offer innovative solutions for the real-time and accelerated dispersion analysis, stability analysis, separation analysis, particle sizing, materials testing. Our LUM analysers are found in international chemical, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and most other industrial branches. LUM GmbH also offers analytical services in the competence fields mentioned above.
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